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Case Study: Portfolio Exposures


A dislocation in a legal jurisdiction has caused an institutional investor to investigate its exposure to the jurisdiction within its public and private fund portfolios

Current Process Using DiligenceVault

  • 1Select template (or tailor to meet needs)
  • 2Select tagged managers to receive request (1 click)
  • 3Track and view responses as they are populated
  • 4Explore results in graphs, charts and more


Manager Hours


Investor Hours

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Usable Data, Beyond Documents

  • Focus on usable information

    Leverage strategy-specific questionnaires including AIMA, ILPA, UNPRI and AITEC questionnaires to interact with your investment manager partners

  • Move from documents to data

    Transform information traditionally stored in documents to a database structure, to easily manipulate data across peers and over time

  • Analyze normalized data

    Across traditional, private markets and hedge fund investment portfolios; and fund, managed account and co-investment structures easily

Leverage Technology, Increase Productivity

  • Collaborate internally and externally

    Bridge information gaps by leveraging common workflows, note taking, real-time Q&A sessions, status tracking and smart alerts

  • Focus on investment success, rather than data entry and storage

    Free up investment analysts and portfolio managers to focus on investment decisions rather than administrative tasks

  • Track team activity and decision making

    Automate repeatable tasks with auditable workflows. Document all activity while tracking team member engagement, and ensure retention of institutional memory

Secure, Scalable & Easy to Integrate

  • Layered security architecture

    Current generation security framework with multiple layers of access and data security as an integral part of the user experience

  • Easy to scale and maintain

    Simplify access and mobility, as well as easily scale with cloud-based application

  • Built for integration

    Robust and secure public APIs for two way communication between DiligenceVault and your internal environment

Regulatory Data Integration

  • Increased monitoring frequency

    Integrate regulatory filings in your investment monitoring starting with FormADV filings, and stay connected each day vs. once a year

  • Changes that matter

    Be proactive with alerts of significant developments and changes in your inbox and within the DiligenceVault platform

  • Know the market and peers

    Review industry trends and best practices, by leveraging normalized data points

Implementation Services

  • Custom RFP/due diligence

    We help set up customized diligence templates catered to the strategy, size and jurisdiction, enabling you to always ask the right question

  • Digital RFP/due diligence

    We help translate your DDQ/RFP documents into data-driven templates

  • Migration services

    We help migrate historical data including questionnaires, history packs, and pitch materials for a seamless transition

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