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Rethinking your due-diligence strategy with non-traditional VCs

September 23, 2021 – Our latest thought piece talks about how nontraditional VCs are disrupting the venture space and what effect it can have on an allocator’s due diligence efforts. Over the past few years, a wide variety of investors have rushed headlong into the world of venture investing, enticed by the lucrative returns seen in the private markets.

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30 October 2018
Delivering in the Experience Economy

Future economic growth lies in the value of experiences and transformations--good and services are no longer enough. Joseph Pine of Columbia and James Gilmore of UVA argue in HBR article that businesses must orchestrate memorable...

30 September 2018
Building a Data Legacy for Your NextGen

Given the significant investments of time..

29 August 2018
The Automation Within – from & for Millennials

Speed and agility are competitive advantages that drive innovation. A counterweight is a competing goal of quality, which cannot suffer in the quest for speed. How can you achieve both with the same amount of...

30 July 2018
Why 1000 Days?

As I was contemplating embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, my parents, both entrepreneurs, shared a few pearls of wisdom: If you don’t have the staying power for 1000 days, don’t bother quitting your current position....

28 June 2018
Process Matters – Workflow Technology Empowering People

Perhaps you are a large investment firm looking to create a culture of excellence that will perpetually attract top talent and dominate your market. Alternatively, you may be an accomplished group at a small boutique...

23 May 2018
Disrupting How We Manage Documents

A document is a representation of thought that is written, drawn...

26 April 2018
Women Leading Investment Management & Tech

As an entrepreneur at the intersection of Investment Management and Technology, I experienced unconscious gender biases when we started pitching the DiligenceVault platform to users and investors. Our ability to succeed despite these biases inspired...

30 March 2018
InvestTech Build vs. Buy – System vs. Product

At DiligenceVault our clients and prospects engage with us as they move to improve efficiencies in their business. They often tell us they are considering whether to build a proprietary tech system to support their...

28 March 2018
Why Did We Adopt Microsoft Azure?

When we started building our SaaS platform in mid-2014, it was clear that we were going to the cloud. As many of you contemplate hosted offerings, the path we traveled may be of interest for...