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Are you an innovator? Want to drive change? Want to be part of what propels our industry forward? Join our Industry Exchange in the following areas:


Sub Advisory Oversight – insurance companies and firms managing subadvisory mandates

ESG + DEI – DEI data collection and ESG engagement tracking requires a lot of data intake, and a systematic approach to process these for actionable insights

IDD – 


Response Data Integrations 

Data + Tech

What’s more, this creates a valuable opportunity to network with fellow users and industry peers. Influence DV’s product roadmap. Learn more about how others are using the platform. Join the largest diligence industry exchange! 

Sourcing investments
BLOGFive ways to source investments

Investment success is tied to the quality and volume of deal flow. To make one allocation, an investor evaluates over 100 fund managers. So it is critical that every allocator has a good manager sourcing process to discover differentiated high-performing managers. Most investors start with these five channels: 

  1. Network and relationships
  2. Intermediaries: Cap intro teams / bankers / placement agents 
  3. Databases and regulatory filings 
  4. Conferences 
  5. Direct And Inbound manager pitches
PRESS RELEASEHamilton Lane Adopts DiligenceVault for Inbound Management

As the private markets investment landscape continues to expand, investment firms require new ways to accelerate and streamline the traditionally cumbersome and challenging investment sourcing and inbound opportunity management process. Hamilton Lane adopted DiligenceVault’s Opportunity Vault module to enhance the firm’s systematic and data-driven capture of inbound investment opportunities, furthering Hamilton Lane’s commitment to delivering best-in-class private markets investment results.

Hamilton Lane & DV
Add speed and rigor to your analysis

Technology can help you create your multi-channel database of manager information without working through files, and emails avoiding unwanted delays.

Easily surface new opportunities

While you’re not investing in all sectors and thesis at all times, ensure all pitch data is centrally saved in searchable formats. Easily resurface opportunities when you develop a focus on a new sector or a new investment thesis

Keep your investment pipeline fresh

Get the information edge by creating your own proprietary database and spend time conducting deeper diligence on your shortlisted opportunities

Find managers that look like your best ones

With an easy user experience on a digital platform pre-qualify managers based on the characteristics of your winning bets.