Why Did We Re-design Our Website?

Why Did We Re-design Our Website?

In 2016, thanks to our users, accelerators and network partners our product developed at a rapid pace. New use cases and inbound interests from new user segments provided the growth leverage. Our face to the world had to reflect the firm that we have become, and which required a re-design.

Landing Page

Our first impression! We wanted it to be simple, yet aspirational for us and for our users. What will make it worthwhile for the reader to spend more time? How could we help them?

By providing a data and technology platform that enables a transition from chaos to order, helping you create productive capacity, fiduciary value and gain a competitive advantage by investing for the future

Chaos to Order Transition

Something we cherish, as it shows the transition we are driving, in a cool and almost cerebral manner. This being the anchor of the page, went through extensive debate, from placement to number of circles.

Knock Knock, Open the Door

We are helping open the door to the future for the industry. We leveraged one of our existing illustrations to create a Diligence Dude knocking on a door of due diligence (doesn’t Diligence Dude sound more colorful than Diligence Person?).

And we started with a fun message: Knock Knock.. It seems we have also inspired others to leverage our thinking, as we see the translation in peer messaging

How Does It Work?

We spent a lot of time here answering questions that our users ask and showing product snapshots. Demonstrating a clean user experience, and primary use cases are central theme here.

Then came an engaging case study for investor users and asset manager users – Why read a paragraph when a frustration meter can help visualize how we solve your pain points? Be delighted!

Why Should I Work with You?

The lifeline of DiligenceVault. Who are the people, their experiences and can they work together? We dedicated a page to that. Answering why, what, who, and how @DiligenceVault

Diligently Blog

A medium of expressing our views, our journey, and providing you with something useful to make your work lives more productive and content rich…


Making it convenient for you to easily keep up with our updates in the media, events we are sponsoring, or competitions that we are winning

Call to Action

So that you dear users, will never have difficulty in signing up to learn more, see a demo or get to know us 🙂

Why prioritize this re-design? To account for product depth and network feedback on perception and messaging. Readers thought we were consultants, which we are not. Or that we were simply a data room, which we are not. We are not adding bells and whistles to old technology, but rather driving a new way of thinking. Two-sided mutualized thinking. Data-driven thinking. Integrated thinking. And ease of use thinking!

Here we are today, proud of our efforts from the last few weeks. Announcing the re-launch of DiligenceVault. Will we change again? You bet!

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