WHITEPAPER: 2022 Manager Survey: RFPs and DDQs – A Gateway to Success

DV Manager Survey Whitepaper 2022

WHITEPAPER: 2022 Manager Survey: RFPs and DDQs – A Gateway to Success

In our most recent whitepaper: “RFPs and DDQs – A Gateway to Success”, we surveyed 600+ fund managers. The primary areas of focus for the survey are centered around asset management industry’s reliance on extensive information exchange between fund managers and investors for both fundraising and ongoing client engagement.

Key insights from the survey include:

  • Asset managers with growth strategy need to invest in their investor relations function. Only 5% of managers with AUM between $1bn – $10bn receive between 100-500 RFP/DDQ requests per year. That number jumps significantly to 46% for managers in the $10bn – $50bn range.
  • As investors focus on greater transparency, their custom DDQ requests and follow-ups have increased. Nearly 70% of investors request custom DDQs and RFIs, and/or send follow-ups.
  • ESG data collection is a priority, and firms of all size and strategy continue to see an increase. 76% firms saw an increase in ESG-focused DDQs from last year
  • Larger and growing firms prioritize adopting technological solutions to help navigate a complex fundraising and investor engagement environment and deliver a sustainable competitive advantage for their firm. 66% of managers with AUM > $100bn use dedicated RFP/DDQ technology
  • New standards to empower the industry to simplify and streamline various reporting and due diligence processes continue to see adoption, with over 15 of these available on DiligenceVault in a digital capacity 

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