Data Governance

Is your information spread across various documents, spreadsheets and shared drives?

Take control of your information with DiligenceVault’s data governance capabilities

DIGITAL DILIGENCEDigitize your data collection

DigitalDiligence is a core module that enables you to structure your data collection

  • Build a repository of usable, structured research data and documents by collecting data from over 6,000 asset managers
  • Build institutional data governance framework and avoid costly errors and delays by automating data ingestion
  • Automatically flag risk areas, outliers, and even compliance issues
API IntegrationsIntegrated Data Ingestion

Automate ingestion of data collected across multiple hierarchies of diligence

  • Eliminate the need for copy and paste from multiple data sources
  • Leverage our public API or native integrations to seamlessly manage the data necessary for decision making and ongoing oversight
Diligence Analytics
DATA HUBIntegrate regulatory data source

Leverage external data sources such as regulatory filings to enrich your internal datastore as well as data collected from your diligence partners

  • Normalize data sets in a consistent framework
  • Identify flags or anomalies across data sets
  • Build a framework of early risk indicators

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