Distributor Diligence and Oversight

Distributor diligence is a regulatory requirement in several jurisdictions.

DiligenceVault helps you in creating a scalable diligence framework for initial and ongoing diligence of your product distributors

Distributor Diligence DDQ
DIGITAL FIRSTDigitize your product content

DigitalDiligence is a powerful, yet flexible module that helps you transition from manually intensive and expensive due diligence process.

  • Easily build jurisdiction-specific questionnaires, including baseline of ICI distributor questionnaire.
  • Eliminate the need for copy and paste from multiple data sources
  • Maintain ownership and audit trail of all changes
  • Enable transparency for the entire team on a centralized platform.
COLLABORATION LAYERDelight In Review and Collaboration

Establish review framework, response requirements, as well as risk identification protocols.

  • Associate automated flags and scores for distributor responses
  • Leverage collaboration features to get the right responses and clarifications from distributors
  • Manage your internal review process to ensure control and audit trail
Collaborative Authoring and Review
Diligence Analytics
Decisions that matterAdvanced Analytics & Presentation

Create a differentiated experience for your stakeholders, including senior management, as well as audit partners.

  • Identify heatmaps and governance milestones in visual output
  • Create diligence summaries for distributor network
  • Collaborate with external auditors to share select reviews using our teams functionality
  • Integrate diligence data into your central regulatory datawarehouse using our APIs

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