Due Diligence During A Stress Event

Due Diligence During A Stress Event

In our latest webinar on SVB Response ‘Due Diligence During A Stress Event’, we discussed views on the Silicon Valley Bank crisis event, potential impact on future diligence approaches, and a Q&A session about:

● How will due diligence for PE/VC funds as well as their service providers change following the tech-focused bank stress event?
● Will multi-custody/banking relationship become the new standard avoid single point of failure?
● How did LPs and GPs determine their exposure amidst uncertainly in the past 72 hours? Via ADV databases, issuing questionnaires, tracing payment history, phone calls, emails, scouring old attachments, and jogging memory.
● What are the lessons learned?

We’ve now made the webinar replay and key takeaways available for you.

To access the full webinar and key takeaways, reach out to us.

Date: March 31, 2023    Time: 10am EST

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