Webinar: Due Diligence During A Stress Event

Webinar: Due Diligence During A Stress Event

Dear DiligenceVault Community,

It has been an eventful week for the venture capital and investment management industry.

Many of you have worked non-stop to assess the impact of tech-focused bank stress, any downstream contagion and what it all means for your portfolios. We appreciate many users reaching out to help assess your exposures and leverage best practices. We would like to invite you to a live webinar with our team and industry experts #SVBResponse.

We will provide views on the events, potential impact on future diligence approaches, and will also host a Q&A session.

● How will due diligence for PE/VC funds as well as their service providers change following the tech-focused bank stress event?
● Will multi-custody/banking relationship become the new standard avoid single point of failure?
● How did LPs and GPs determine their exposure amidst uncertainly in the past 72 hours? Via ADV databases, issuing questionnaires, tracing payment history, phone calls, emails, scouring old attachments, and jogging memory.
● What are the lessons learned?

Given we anticipate many questions/comments during the event itself, please feel free to submit your questions ahead of time by email to  or your DiligenceVault contact so we can prioritize answering them during this event.

Date: March 31, 2023    Time: 10am EST

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