ESG Data Convergence Project Template

DiligenceVault helps GPs facilitate the collection of ESG and DEI metrics from their portfolio companies

ESG Data Convergence
DIGITAL DILIGENCEThe ESG Data Convergence Template on DiligenceVault

With over 100+ leading GPs and LPs representing $8.7 trillion USD in AUM and over 1,400 underlying portfolio companies, the ESG Data Convergence Project aims to create a meaningful, performance-based, comparable set of ESG data and metrics from private companies.

  • Initial metrics to be collected will include: greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, board diversity, work-related injuries, net new hires, and employee engagement
  • DiligenceVault makes using the template a snap with these added features:
    • A data collection process that’s fully automated 
    • Submission tracker to keep tabs on the data you’ve collected – and what’s outstanding 
    • Proactive notifications 
    • Easy and integrated contact management
    • A streamlined process for the portfolio companies with collaboration capabilities, reuse ability and a full audit trail
    • Institutional-level security with both platform and data-level controls

Make the collection, organization and reporting of key ESG and DEI metrics from your portfolio companies faster and easier


The easiest way to use the ESG Data Convergence Project template