WHITEPAPER: RFP/DDQ Automation Use Cases for Asset Management

RFP & DDQ Automation Use Cases for Asset Management

WHITEPAPER: RFP/DDQ Automation Use Cases for Asset Management

In our recent manager survey, over 800 firms globally indicated that the complexity of investor reporting and diligence requests continues to rise – increase in volume of requests, increase in custom nature of the request, and increase in complexity of the requests. For asset management firms, it’s imperative to build an operating model that supports their human capital in building and maintaining competitive edge in delivering a differentiated investor experience. Technology plays a crucial role in this modern operating model in de-risking the processes, bringing much needed efficiency and helping firms respond to the investor reporting and diligence trend.

We highlight six specific use cases where we juxtapose current processes with a tech enabled process and identify key process changes and time savings.  

1. Periodic DDQ Update: Update a 40-page standard DDQ on a quarterly basis

  • Shift from manual copy and paste to automation
  • Reduce process complexity and aggravation, while creating a time saving and scalable process

2. Responding to a quarterly compliance checklist

  • Ensure compliance with audit trail
  • Potential for same-day review and completion, saving significant time and resources

Four other use case examples include periodic product update requests, creating a new DDQ for a new vintage fund, and responding to RFIs.

By embracing technology, asset management firms can significantly reduce unproductive work, minimize errors, and amplify their team’s capabilities. As a second order and under-appreciated benefit, a centralized technology platform provides analytical insights, facilitates compliance oversight, and enables seamless knowledge transfer. 

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