WHITEPAPER: The Role Of Workflow Automation In An Investment Office


WHITEPAPER: The Role Of Workflow Automation In An Investment Office

A good investment governance needs a combination of skills, resources, time and processes. Per recent research study by Frontier Advisors and KPMG, good investment governance can pay a dividend of 0.5% annually, while poor investment governance can result in a performance penalty of up to 1%.

Good-GovernanceAs investment offices enhance the foundation of investment governance, a key element is well thought out workflows and transparency to support efficient decision making. Workflow automation serves as the backbone of investment offices, crucial for orchestrating research, transactional processes, and reviews within various investment, operational due diligence, operations and legal and compliance teams. 

Automating decision workflows and processes provides numerous benefits, including improved transparency, accountability, and efficiency. Key highlights include audit trails, central dashboards, reduced email dependency, scalability, and integrated checklists for better compliance and risk management across multiple stakeholders.

We discuss how our clients use DiligenceVault’s technology to automate various workflows, bring collaboration capabilities, and ensure visibility and transparency throughout the investment office. In this whitepaper, we discuss ten use cases grouped in three specific workflow families:

  • Research Workflows
  • Investment Activity & Transactional Workflows
  • Review Workflows

Download the Whitepaper below to see how by leveraging workflow automation across ten different use cases, due diligence teams can streamline operations, mitigate risks, and enhance compliance, ultimately driving better investment outcomes.

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