Seamless IDD & ESG Data Collection & Ratings

IDD & ESG Data Collection & Ratings

Seamless IDD & ESG Data Collection & Ratings

Are you an asset allocator or owner? Do you collect manager data in your due diligence framework? Do you assess funds to select the best in breed?

Gone are the days where due diligence is completed across multiple Word and Excel documents. Asset owners and asset managers are now adopting new technology to reduce manual burden and time spent on administrative tasks throughout their due diligence process. In addition, accessing qualitative, forward looking views on investment funds continue to form an important part of client’s investment due diligence process.

Please join us to hear how DiligenceVault and Mercer teamed up to create a powerful research experience for all diligence parties:

  1. You will gain insights about recent trends of asset owners
  2. You will learn how to optimize your due diligence workflow and ESG data collection with technology
  3. You will discover how you can complement your own due diligence with Mercer’s forward looking, qualitative research

Learn more about the integration partnership here.


  • Janet Li, Mercer
  • Monel Amin, DiligenceVault
  • Tom Curtis, Mercer
Date: June 25th, 2021    Time: 10AM HKT

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