DiligenceVault Adds Another OCIO Client To Its Roster

DiligenceVault Adds Another OCIO Client To Its Roster


GEM adopts DiligenceVault for its flexible, easy-to-use technology, and ecosystem of 15,000 asset managers & GPs.

 DiligenceVault announced that GEM, a leading investment firm,  has adopted the DiligenceVault platform to automate data collection for due diligence and monitoring and to support their bespoke research needs.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, GEM  has been dedicated to protecting and growing the multigenerational capital of long-term investors for over 15 years. GEM’s solutions include customized OCIO, Alternative Investments and Impact Integration.

DiligenceVault will enable GEM to review a much broader range of asset managers while strengthening their proprietary research framework. In turn, the increased productivity and efficiency will benefit their clients.

Rich Abraham, Chief Compliance Officer, GEM, said: “DiligenceVault’s leadership in the industry, global reach, and innovation mindset will help us streamline our diligence framework, ensuring we continue to make and maintain well-informed investment decisions as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re pleased to partner with such an innovative organization to help drive results for our investors.”

Monel Amin, CEO of DiligenceVault, said: “We are excited to be working with GEM, and thank them for trusting our technology for their data-driven investing approach. Our team’s understanding of due diligence workflows, our depth of asset manager and GP network in alternative investments, and our experience working with nearly 20 OCIO firms helps us anticipate and support the needs of the diligence team at GEM. Further, as multi-asset investing becomes increasingly complex, DiligenceVault is dedicated to delivering flexible and integration-ready data solutions to help our clients innovate.”

About GEM

GEM is a leading investment management firm dedicated to protecting and growing the multigenerational capital of long-term investors. We serve a broad range of clients, including endowments, foundations, family offices, wealth advisors, sovereigns, and other long-term investors. Each client has access to our investment capabilities and manager roster via bespoke multi-asset portfolios constructed to meet specific risk and return objectives, via targeted alternative investment vehicles across key private market segments, or positive impact strategies. For more information, visit www.globalendowment.com.

About DiligenceVault

DiligenceVault is the investment industry leader in offering a comprehensive due diligence technology platform for asset owners, allocators, consultants, and fund managers. Today, over 70,000 users leverage DiligenceVault in digitizing and streamlining their due diligence framework, moving away from previously manually intensive, Word- and Excel-based, and error-prone diligence processes. Founded in 2014, and backed by Goldman Sachs, the firm delivers a global support commitment with teams in New York, Boston, London, Australia and India. www.diligencevault.com