Leading South African Wealth Manager Digitizes Asset Manager Due Diligence and Monitoring With DiligenceVault

Leading South African Wealth Manager Digitizes Asset Manager Due Diligence and Monitoring With DiligenceVault


STANLIB Multi-Manager and INN8 Invest, the discretionary fund manager and the manager research capability of the Standard Bank Group, looks to DiligenceVault to digitize their manager research, monitoring, and risk management processes.



DiligenceVault, a global due diligence technology platform for asset owners, allocators, and fund managers with 50,000 global users, today announced that INN8 Invest, a  leading South African Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) and Multi-Manager has adopted DiligenceVault to power their fund manager due diligence and ongoing monitoring needs.

By moving away from email, Word-based, manual data collection and risk rating processes, the INN8 Invest investment and operational due diligence teams can now leverage DiligenceVault’s secure, cloud-based platform to efficiently capture and analyze important quantitative and qualitative data points from both global and African fund managers.

DiligenceVault’s sophisticated technology enables INN8 Invest to centralize and digitize all manager data and incorporate its proprietary scorecard and rating model right into the DV platform. INN8 Invest now has the capability to quickly assess both investment and operational performance according to the Fund’s own risk criteria within the DiligenceVault platform.

Tyron Harrison, Chief Operation Officer of INN8 Invest commented, “We’re very happy with the way DiligenceVault has allowed us to save countless hours spent on manually collecting and analyzing data through questionnaires. We can now streamline our exchanges with our fund managers, making the overall due diligence process more efficient for us and them. We now have a ‘golden source’ of all our interactions with our managers (questionnaires, documents, notes, meetings, calls) in one place, covering the needs for our various teams: fund research, operational due diligence, ESG and D&I. DiligenceVault will allow us to track progress, streamline reporting and monitor risk through our digital rating framework.”

“We are incredibly excited to have been selected by one of the most sophisticated Multi-Manager businesses in South Africa, confirming our vision in building out the largest and most advanced diligence technology platform in the industry. We are grateful as more and more allocators and fund managers join our diligence network to streamline the flow of data and information across participants,” said Guillaume Rouault, EMEA director of DiligenceVault.

About INN8 Invest

INN8 Invest is a market leading, independent discretionary fund manager (DFM) for the wealth manager of the future. INN8 Invest has R550+ billion assets under stewardship, which includes R45 billion in retail DFM mandates. Through a strategic partnership, we take on the role of managing your client’s day-to-day investments so that you can focus on increasing the quality of your financial advice and creating better outcomes for your clients. We aim to inspire adviser confidence, grow client portfolios, and facilitate business growth. INN8 Invest recognises that technology is a critical enabler for business transformation in an increasingly complex and fast-changing DFM market environment.

About DiligenceVault

DiligenceVault is the investment industry leader in offering a comprehensive due diligence technology platform for asset owners, allocators, consultants, and fund managers. Today, over 50,000 users leverage DiligenceVault in digitizing and streamlining their due diligence framework, moving away from previously manually intensive, error-prone, and expensive diligence processes. DiligenceVault is trusted by leading global asset allocators including Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Frontier Advisors, Hamilton Lane, NEPC, Shadmoor Advisors, Universities Superannuation Scheme, UTIMCO, and Wells Fargo. Founded in 2014, the firm delivers a global support commitment with teams in New York, Boston, London, India, and Singapore. For more information about DiligenceVault, please visit: www.diligencevault.com

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