Shadmoor Advisors Selects DiligenceVault to Power Their Operational Due Diligence Services

Shadmoor Advisors Selects DiligenceVault to Power Their Operational Due Diligence Services


Leading operational due diligence consulting firm selects DiligenceVault’s platform to further strengthen capabilities


DiligenceVault, a digital-first, due diligence technology platform for consultants, asset owners, service providers and fund managers, today announced a client partnership with Shadmoor Advisors, a CT-based boutique consulting firm that offers comprehensive operational due diligence (ODD) reviews of investment managers and their funds, on behalf of a growing client-base of institutional alternative investment allocators.

By centralizing their research, reporting processes, and workflows onto DiligenceVault, Shadmoor now utilizes a leading-edge technology platform to further strengthen their ODD services to the institutional investor community. The firm will be able to leverage DiligenceVault to optimize the process of collecting and centralizing key fund manager data, tapping into the more than 7,000 managers already on the platform.

The resulting efficiency and transparency will provide numerous benefits for Shadmoor, including a closer working relationship with its clients through DiligenceVault’s robust collaboration and reporting tools while becoming an important foundation to Shadmoor’s manager research and ODD processes.

Michael Merrigan, Founder of Shadmoor Advisors, commented: “In addition to initial operational due diligence reviews, the ongoing monitoring of investment managers and their associated funds is becoming a bigger piece of the operational due diligence mosaic. By joining the DiligenceVault platform, Shadmoor has increased its ability to efficiently communicate with our clients’ investment managers on a larger scale and frequency. This allows the Shadmoor team to spend more time interpreting investment managers’ operations-related data versus the cumbersome process of manually collecting information. Thanks to the DiligenceVault team for a great client onboarding process.”

“We are thrilled to have an ODD research firm of Shadmoor’s caliber on the DiligenceVault platform. With Shadmoor leveraging DiligenceVault’s core Digital Diligence, ADV and Reporting modules, a win-win-win has been established for Shadmoor, their clients and fund manager partners. We are excited about our collaborative journey ahead,” said Monel Amin, Founder of DiligenceVault.

About DiligenceVault

DiligenceVault believes in making due diligence possible for all by creating a new data-driven standard for due diligence in the investment management industry. Today, over 30,000 users leverage the platform in digitalizing and streamlining their due diligence framework, moving away from previously manually intensive, error-prone, and expensive diligence processes. DiligenceVault is trusted by leading global asset allocators including Goldman Sachs Asset Management, NEPC, Universities Superannuation Scheme, UTIMCO and Wells Fargo. Founded in 2014, DiligenceVault is backed by Goldman Sachs, and delivers a global support promise with teams in New York, London, Singapore, and India. For more information about DiligenceVault, please visit:

About Shadmoor Advisors

Shadmoor Advisors is a boutique operational due diligence consulting firm focused on investment managers and their funds. Established in 2014 by Michael Merrigan, the Shadmoor team has grown to six individuals, the majority of whom have decades of experience in the alternative investment industry as allocators and operations professionals. Shadmoor’s headquarters is located in Westport, Connecticut.  For more information about Shadmoor, please visit:

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