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WHITEPAPER: Quantifying the Value of Operational Due Diligence (ODD)

This paper delves into the organization of ODD teams, covering internal, outsourced, and co-sourced structures. The selection depends on fiduciary mandates, internal expertise, resource availability, and investment program complexities.

sustainable investing
WHITEPAPER: Building A Scalable Sustainable Investing Framework

The landscape of sustainable investing in 2023 has evolved from a realm of aspiration and confusion to one marked by maturity and clarity. In this whitepaper, we highlight three building...

DiligenceVault 2023 Manager Survey
WHITEPAPER: 2023 Global Asset Manager Survey Insights: RFP/DDQs – Orchestrating A Competitive Advantage

In our recent whitepaper: “RFPs and DDQs - Orchestrating A Competitive Advantage”, we surveyed 800+fund managers, and here are the key insights from the industry survey.

Who uses DiligenceVault

Asset Allocator
Asset Owners

Asset owners across pension plans, endowments foundations, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds – centralize your external manager data needs across the investment office on a single digital platform – from manager research, operational due diligence, ESG, compliance, audit confirms, to event driven requests.

Asset Manager
Asset Managers

Whether you are an emerging manager, or an established fund, manage standard DDQs, investment databases, and investor DDQs on a centralized platform. Collaborate across investor relations, RFP, marketing, compliance, and product teams to minimize errors and deliver excellence.

Asset Allocator

Whether you are an OCIO, investment consultant, wealth platform, or a fund of funds – build a defensible diligence framework across a large portfolio of fund products, and efficiently deliver differentiated investment alternatives to your clients at scale.

Distribution Platforms
Distribution Platforms

Conduct due diligence on distributor platforms, deliver product disclosures on a centralized digital platform. Maintain regulatory compliance and accelerate your growth strategy.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance Teams

Prepare accurate and timely regulatory filings using a centralized collaborative authoring and data governance platform. Ensure consistency and excellence across all external data submissions.

Service Providers and Placement Agents
Service Providers & Placement Agents

Identify new prospective clients, conduct digital diligence on prospective fund clients, as well as assist them in all investor requests on a centralized platform.

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What our clients are saying?

Quick response and provided instructions to resolve my request. Thank you!
– A $20bn+ Leveraged Credit Asset Manager

Thanks for getting the authentication logs reporting enhanced as we requested. We appreciate the fast action!
– An Insurance Company Client

This is going to be a game-changer in our interaction with the external managers.
– Chief Investment Officer, $1tn+ OCIO

DV is very easy to use even for new hires. GP feedback is also very positive. We love how responsive Team DV is if we have a question or need support.
– A US Plan Sponsor Client

It is so much easier for everybody to capture the information and work on it piecemeal and share questions with people in my organization…and it’s a great product.
– Head of Investor Relations, $4bn Asset Manager

Given the current environment, I’m not sure we would have reached our deadlines without DV. The process went better than it has in the past using offline resources and the ability to use DV to communicate back and forth with our subs in the system saved us valuable time and effort.
– Compliance Director, Subadvisory Platform

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