How Did We Go from Singular to Plural Innovation?

How Did We Go from Singular to Plural Innovation?

January 2016: As the curtain was raised on the New Year, we started with a product in hand, a hungry team, high spirits, and eager prospective users doing trials. What started as an individual vision was about to transform into plural innovation. For that, we thank the BELIEVERS; the team executing towards a vision, accelerator and investors backing this execution, and clients counting on and participating in this execution.

What is Plural Innovation.. You Ask?

We define it as an experience where innovation is driven by multiple individuals and firms towards a common goal, and not to be confused with innovations, which is a group of multiple innovations.

As we bid adieu to 2016, we recount some of the milestones in driving this transformation:

New and Shiny Experiences

How Our Network Sees Us

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How Our Clients and Prospects View Us

“DiligenceVault technology has cut our administrative workload in manager selection and monitoring by 70%”

“Your platform helps us with our investor diligence and makes us look professional”

“We throw you out the door, and you crawl back in through the window!”

This year has been a year of multiple validations, and learning. Our network went to bat for us, making introductions, serving as reference, opening doors… it is nothing short of inspirational. You know who you are, and hats off to you!

A singular thread in all of our interactions on this journey to plural innovation: Listen! – to the team, to the users, and to the network. Technology is key and is anchoring the next wave of innovation within the industry. But when combined with human intelligence in introducing the product of the future, or when combined with the relationships, the resulting impact multiplies exponentially.

Enriched with the experiences of 2016, we look forward to an even better 2017 and greater plurality of innovation, in spite of regulatory, economic, and political uncertainty. We also look forward to our Series A funding round in early 2017, to further strengthen our position in the industry and allow us to expand our reach.

Wishing all our friends, clients, and readers a happy, healthy and smashing 2017!

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