New eFront® ESG Outreach Reporting Framework Now Available on DiligenceVault

efront ESG Outreach

New eFront® ESG Outreach Reporting Framework Now Available on DiligenceVault

DiligenceVault is committed to bringing standardization, transparency, and efficiency to the due diligence process. As we continue to support industry standards in digital format for our users, we are thrilled to add the eFront ESG Outreach framework onto the DiligenceVault platform.

ESG reporting has increasingly become a priority for our industry, especially in private markets, where data availability is scarce and inconsistent. Three specific challenges facing private markets ESG reporting for portfolio companies are:

  1. Limited availability of consistent and readily available ESG data, requiring manual and Excel-heavy data collection and reporting
  2. Too many reporting standards / requirements with a lack of consistency across them
  3. Lack of industry-wide benchmarks on ESG framework

Formed through a consortium of limited partners (LPs) and general partners (GPs), the eFront ESG Outreach questionnaire simplifies and standardizes reporting frameworks, including a set of universally relevant questions that align with existing reporting initiatives.

DiligenceVault (DV) has over 12,000 asset managers and GPs leveraging the platform, and we are uniquely positioned to support our userbase with the ESG Outreach template to bring greater transparency and standardization to the private markets data ecosystem. This partnership builds on DV’s strength in ESG data collection technology and due diligence ecosystem along with the eFront platform’s expertise in private markets analytics and data transparency.

All DV users will have access to the digital eFront ESG Outreach template to facilitate the sharing of key ESG data from portfolio company to GP to LP. For GPs, they will be able to centralize their portfolio company data in a consistent manner using DV, as well as improve reporting for their LP clients. Further, by feeding anonymized data to eFront, they will also be able to access and leverage industry benchmarks within the eFront platform for improved transparency and analysis.

The collective benefit of this collaboration between eFront and DV will accelerate transparency, insights and decision-making for private markets investors.

To access this data template, please contact our client success team via the platform or by sending an email to


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