Posted by | January 3, 2022
9 Data and Tech Priorities In 2022 – The Year to Enable Data for Due Diligence

2021 has been a seminal year for DiligenceVault - a rapidly growing digital diligence network with over 30,000 users, a year when we went from digitizing 150 diligences a day...

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Posted by | November 25, 2019
Framing The Freedom

Can you imagine a world without freedom, or a world without a framework? Along the same lines, a world with only freedom or with only framework? So both freedom and...

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data disintermediation
Posted by | December 21, 2018
Data Disintermediation: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

The investment management industry runs on data. Organizations build their businesses around carefully constructed, disciplined processes of collecting and analyzing information that are designed..

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Posted by | October 30, 2018
Delivering in the Experience Economy

Future economic growth lies in the value of experiences and transformations--good and services are no longer enough. Joseph Pine of Columbia and James Gilmore of UVA argue in HBR article...

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Posted by | December 28, 2017
Diligence Framework for Blockchain

The Questions Du Jour in 2017: Does DiligenceVault employ blockchain technology? Does DiligenceVault offer diligence questionnaire for blockchain investing?

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Posted by | November 30, 2017
Optimizing Returns On A Technical Debt Portfolio

Technical debt is a term coined by Ward Cunningham to describe the...

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Posted by | November 28, 2017
How Do You Innovate with Your Clients?

Digitization and digitalization are accelerating in the asset management industry in response to new growth strategies, differentiation strategies and margin compression.

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Posted by | October 30, 2017
Risk Management in 2027: How Does It Look?

We find ourselves in a complicated valuation environment at present, with unparalleled volatility shorts in the market, VIX at an all-time low, extended outperformance by passive indices, massive unrealized valuations...

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Posted by | March 30, 2017
Who Defines The Future of InvestTech? /in’vest,tek/ noun data and technologies that support the processes of the world’s institutional investors: the pensions, endowments and foundations, family offices & trusts, fund of funds, insurance companies, wealth...

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Posted by | January 31, 2017
What Is Your Diligence Stack?

Explore further: What comprises your due diligence technology stack? Are shared drives, RMS, CRM, or DDP part of your toolkit?

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