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Elevating ESG Reporting – An Interview with Chief Investment Officer Magazine

June 6, 2022 – ESG due diligence is key to understanding the risks and rewards of impact investing, especially with a lack of industry standards for measuring ESG investment risk.

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30 September 2016
You call it creepy, we call it client service

Historically, products traditionally won via a strong distribution and marketing, or the superior quality of the product; the client experience per se did not seem to be of focus. Increasingly the focus has shifted from...

31 August 2016
Regulatory Filings, Bots and Golf…

After joining DiligenceVault, the first area I focused on along with the engineering team was institutionalizing the way we were looking at publicly available data. Starting with regulatory filings, largely driven by inbound interest, we...

30 August 2016
Track Record Investing

As the splashy spectacle that was the Rio Olympics slowly recedes into memory, the event can be looked at through an analytic lens. The BBC published a fascinating article: Why do swimmers break more records...

27 July 2016
How I Met Team DiligenceVault

Much like Ted Mosby's trials and tribulations in How I Met Your Mother, it's both fun and inspiring to sit down and draw up an info graphic in a single dimension that lays out the...

26 July 2016
Due Diligence In The Second Machine Age

In their fascinating book The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee synthesize research from multiple fields and analyze the way technology is reshaping...

28 June 2016
Fruitful Active Investing

A summertime reflection on active and hedge fund investing, especially on the back of recent headlines covering large institutional investors exiting the hedge fund space, in addition to the investor narrative regarding fees and performance....

31 May 2016
How Do Firms Innovate?

We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, But Somehow, We Lost…. Nokia’s smartphone division was recently acquired by Microsoft..

31 May 2016
Meet the Team

A geographically distributed team with diverse experience sets, from 4 countries.

29 April 2016
Hey Due Diligence, Knock Knock…

Investor Town What does a day at an end investor or an investment consultant who hires external managers look like? **Susan Lee (CIO):** Any ideas on what managers we should be looking at to add...