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Rethinking your due-diligence strategy with non-traditional VCs

September 23, 2021 – Our latest thought piece talks about how nontraditional VCs are disrupting the venture space and what effect it can have on an allocator’s due diligence efforts. Over the past few years, a wide variety of investors have rushed headlong into the world of venture investing, enticed by the lucrative returns seen in the private markets.

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29 September 2017
The Sharing Economy in Asset Management

Technology and human ingenuity have made wonderful things possible in our personal lives. Whether it is connecting with friends and associates, or finding products and services, there is much more at our fingertips than ever...

29 September 2017
What’s the “Vertical SaaS” Premium?

A recent discussion with a tech-savvy prospect has inspired this blog on the economic value of building a vertically integrated SaaS platform. The question asked and answered is "How does DiligenceVault deliver greater value than...

30 August 2017
Back to School Blog Edition: The Common App – For Funds!

If you are a young professional or the parent of college or college-bound students, you probably know what the Common App is. If you are somewhere outside those cohorts, you may not know, because you...

30 August 2017
From Barbarians at the Gate to Data-driven Intelligence

Private investing has come a long way from the famed LBO story associated with mega deals and the relationships that make these deals happen. As the world goes increasingly digital, ever wonder what would happen...

31 July 2017
Understanding Classification: From Mind to Machines

Classification is one of the most instinctive behaviors that humans exhibit. It is also a foundation for all cultural and scientific advancements, be it the taxonomy trees of evolution, Freudian classifications of anxieties and disorders...

31 July 2017
When AI Becomes the New Investment Option

Artificial Intelligence as a locus of investment is very tempting for asset owners. Expectations for AI are lofty,

30 June 2017
Is There Success In Your Name?

If you recall, we blogged about how we named ourselves. Your firm’s name is a representation of who you are, reflecting your unconscious biases, influenced by your experience, beliefs, and vision. It establishes the beginning...

29 June 2017
What Brings Success? Skill, Luck, or Process

What accounts for the great variety of personal and professional life outcomes among people from similar backgrounds? Why do some people succeed when others fail? There is an element of luck in every life, both...

31 May 2017

Atul Gawande’s 2009 book “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right” details the author’s search across disciplines for ways to improve process outcomes, looking for techniques that could be applied in his own field...